Promoting your business.

Below is a list of our most popular advertising methods available to promote your business. It is easy but if you need help we are always on hand to discuss your particular marketing needs.  Our Mission Statement says it all.

If you have any questions or queries relating to the methods below, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are flexible and able to accommodate most requests.

Advertising Your Accommodation, Restaurant, Shop, Activities.

Our fully customizable, hassle free and automated service allows you to create, update and maintain your advertisement instantly. Adding pictures, contact details, your website link, a star rating and a lengthy narrative will help to bring more attention to your business.

To advertise and start promoting your business, all you need to do is navigate using the “Advertise Your” links to the left of this page and select what business you wish to promote.

Advertise your “Events” – free of charge!!

Prices are reasonable for an entire year with the option of a featured listing (plus you are able to add pictures).  This will certainly make you stand out.

Banner Advertising

Reach a large and expanding audience looking for information on travel resources.  The majority of our users are from Canada (BC), USA ( Florida ) and Italy (Florence).

Banner advertising is an extremely effective and visible way of promoting your business. You can have your company “Logo” banner placed anywhere on the website; from specific pages on the travel guide to our home page.


Email us for details

Advertise an Activity using our “Classified Section”

Our “Classified” section works in much the same way as a Classified Ads section of a newspaper. There are various headings under which you can advertise anything from Day Trips, Scuba Diving, Wedding Celebrations to Visitor’s Attractions and Ski Breaks.

You can add pictures, contact details, a large amount of text and can edit the advert at any time while it is running. It is simple – just click on “Classified” under “Advertise Your” on the left hand side and follow the easy steps.


An advertorial is a full page dedicated to your company and is the most comprehensive package that we offer. On your page you can include as much narrative, information, graphics and pictures as you like.

You can be linked from anywhere on the website including the static index to the left, giving you the maximum exposure and visibility.

To find out more, please contact us.


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