Cash Required: $10,000 - $25,00
Business Type: Business Opportunity


Why I am selling these websites below cost?


  I am aware that unless the websites are making revenue have a resultant net cash flow, then it becomes a matter of subjective value for you to be interested in getting into this market.  You will always weigh the decision of "Build vs Buy”


A Superb Web Based Business Opportunity with Aguide2

Aguide2 sells online business opportunities in the form of destination specific websites. Each website is a complete stand alone package consisting of lots of pages of information about the country or state it serves. This information is displayed in a brochure-like form to give the user a flavor of the destination. Each site has multiple (unlimited) and AUTOMATED income streams, including accommodation, restaurants, shops, events and much more.

These 5 Premium sites are for sale.  I am retired and I can't maintain them anymore.

In Canada


In Italy


I am original Franchise owner.  All sites were purchased August 17, 2010.

The websites are all called ‘Aguide2’ so for example you can buy, etc. There is an Aguide2 website for every country in the world and every state in the US.

You do not need to live in the destination or know about the destination to own and run the website! You can run ANY website form ANYWHERE in the world; the process of making money from these sites is the same. Many people own multiple sites.

Benefits of the Aguide2 opportunity:

  • Work from home, office or anywhere in the world.
  • Full or part time - minimal time investment.
  • Professionally designed, fully automated travel portals.
  • Complete website management suite - full control panel and admin area; no programming experience needed.
  • Each site comes with multiple income streams - in addition to the pre-defined income areas on the sites, such as accommodation, shopping etc – you can avail of a full classified advertising system. If you want to add new income sources such as car hire, property, businesses, yachting or other activities, then you can do this in your admin area via the classifieds section.
  • Banner/feature advertisements.
  • New E-Shop system – you can sell anything you want through the site.
  • Be operational from day one.
  • Full support and training.
  • No hidden costs.

How do Aguide2 sites generate income?

Advertisers and links are the key to the financial returns on this business. The process is both simple and automated. Advertisers simply fill in an online form to create their own webpage ad on the website, inputting their details and images. They are then taken to a secure credit card form where they are debited the annual fee (set by you in your admin area).


What is important to you?

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